Heyco Brass NFPA Cordgrips

August 24, 2017

Heyco has added NFPA Nickel Plated Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips to their already extensive line of Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips.

Heyco's new NFPA Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips feature a special TPE gland that has been tested for heat release and smoke emission (ASTM E 1354) and smoke toxicity (SMP 800).

Along with these new NFPA parts, Heyco offers a wide range of Nickel Plated Brass Cordgrips. Nickel plated brass offers superior protection of flexible cables and provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability. All brass cordgrips are available in multiple sizes for flexible power cord diameters and most may be used in clearance or threaded holes. Heyco-Tite Straight Thru brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips are available in NPT, PG and Metric hubs.

In addition to the standard Heyco-Tites, They also offer the following Heyco-Tite Brass Liquid Tight Cordgrips:

  • EMC and EMC-2 - Ideal for applications where Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) protection or Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is needed
  • Lazy Bend with EPDM or Stainless Steel Nozzle - Ease the cable into a lazy bend which prevents sharp bending and ensures the longest cable and product life
  • Profile - Low profile design inhibits manipulation from outside the panel because there is no contact surface offering opportunity for interference by hand or tool.
  • Explosion Proof for Hazardous Locations - Suitable for flameproof enclosures Ex d 11 C and increased safety EX e 11
  • Clamping - Extra pull-out resistance for applications requiring maximum strain relief in addition to liquid tight sealing.