Hubbell Hospital Receptacles

August 5, 2013

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems announces its line of Hubbell-PRO Hospital Grade Receptacles, designed to support healthcare’s demanding and ever-evolving environment.

Available in both Duplex and Style Line® Decorator models, receptacles in the Hubbell-Pro Hospital Grade line feature an automatic self-grounding staple, a circuit ID marking area, and a nylon face. All receptacles are tamper-resistant and compliant with NEC 406.12 and NEC 517-18(c) codes. Designed to prevent accidental shock during insertion of a foreign object, the receptacle design makes it almost impossible for a foreign object to be pushed into the power slot and establish contact with an energized part.

LED power indicators are also available with Hubbell-PRO Hospital Grade Receptacles. These indicators are used most often in hospital settings to identify emergency circuits. The two LED power indicators on the receptacles are bright enough to be visible even in any situation, including low-light and bright-daylight conditions.

Hubbell-PRO Hospital Grade Receptacles also feature a nickel-plated bypass power contact design for uninterrupted power, and a four-point grounding system that provides redundant grounding for low resistance to fault currents. They are also designed for corrosion resistance. With no terminal screws, any hazard is eliminated when the wallplate is removed.

Available in seven colors to match any room décor, Hubbell-PRO Hospital Grade Receptacles are simple to install, save time and money, and make it easier for contractors to meet project deadlines and provide a consistent installation from receptacle to receptacle.

Hubbell-PRO Hospital Grade Receptacles are available in 15A and 20A designs. Suitable for demanding 24/7 healthcare environments, they can withstand abuse from abrupt plug removal and frequent insertions, harsh chemicals, and contact with beds, carts, and gurneys.

Fopr more information download the Datasheet for Hubbell PRO Hospital Grade Receptacles or click here to have a salesperson contact you regarding this product.