PUI Ultrasonic Sensors

June 6, 2016

PUI Audio is excited to announce the addition of Ultrasonic Receivers, Transmitters and Benders to thier product line.

PUI Audio’s new line of ultrasonic sensors are designed for use in distance measuring, fluid flow and fluid level systems, ultrasonic cleaning systems, or for detecting glass breakage.

Each part is custom-built with an integrated piezo-electric bender that has a resonant frequency targeted for ultrasonic use, and work identically to that of a standard piezo-electric bender. Ultrasonic receivers (UR parts) convert high frequency into an AC voltage when activated with the target frequency. Ultrasonic transmitters (UT parts) convert high frequency voltage into an audio signal for triggering ultrasonic receivers. The UTR-1440K-TT-R is a stand-alone, IP65-rated ultrasonic transmitter/receiver. The PUI Audio ultrasonic benders are designed for very high frequency, very voltage circuits meant for ultrasonic cleaning or atomizing liquids.

Download the datasheet