Switchcraft IP66 Sealed Jacks

February 25, 2020

Switchcraft IP66 Sealed 1/4" Jacks and Plugs

For nearly 75 years Switchcraft jacks and plugs have been proven in the harshest environments possible. This new series takes that signature durability even farther by adding a waterproof, IP66 seal when the jack and plug are mated. Nearly all configurations of 1/4” jacks and plugs are offered in these new sealed versions, giving engineers incredible flexibility.


  • The sealed 1/4” jack and plug series is sealed to IP66 when mated for harsh environment durability (requires mated pair of sealed jack and sealed plug)
  • The unique overmolded flex relief on the new sealed 1/4” plug eliminates harsh bends and protects your cable harsh bends.
  • Made in Chicago with the same 1-piece tip-rod, premium materials, and design as standard non-sealed Switchcraft 1/4” jacks & plugs

For more information download the datasheet.