Allied Moulded Insp. Windows

August 29, 2016

Allied Moulded, an industry leader in nonmetallic electrical boxes and enclosures, is expanding its line of premium enclosure accessories with two additional sizes of its Inspection Window.

Allied Moulded’s new inspection window kits are designed to provide visibility and easy viewing access to equipment and components installed in an enclosure, while maintaining ratings up through NEMA Type 4X. The window kit features a strong and rigid design, securely mounting to the outside of most enclosure designs. The window kit is now available in three convenient sizes — 6" x 6", 9" x 5.5", and 13" x 8" — to allow for sufficient viewing space in any required application.

Allied Moulded continues to be a leading manufacturer of nonmetallic electrical enclosures and a “one-stop resource” where fiberglass and polycarbonate products can co-exist depending on the specific application characteristics and chemical compatibility requirements.

Download the datasheet for more information