Alpha Brass Braid Sleeving

September 30, 2015

Alpha Wire Introduces Brass Braid Sleeving to the FIT Wire Management Family

New tubular expandable sleeving is tough and provides a high-end option for wire management needs

Alpha Wire has added brass braid expandable sleeving to its FIT wire management portfolio. FIT Brass Braid Sleeving is not only nice to look at, but also features a tough exterior that provides great EMI protection and protects against harmful microorganisms.

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving can also be used to create a low-resistance point-to-point ground strap. This product is also ideal for retrofit applications, since it is an ideal way to install additional shielding to cable. “Alpha Wire has added FIT Brass Braid Sleeving to the wire management line in order to provide customers with a functional product to protect cables in all different types of environments,” says Hillary Riden, Product Specialist at Alpha Wire. “FIT Brass Braid is great for medical devices, food and beverage equipment, and semiconductor equipment due to its sleek appearance and antimicrobial & germicidal properties.”

FIT Brass Braid Sleeving will be availabel in put-ups of 100 ft for the 1/4, 3/8” and 1/2" sizes and 250 ft for the 1/8” size.