Alpha EcoCable Control Cable

November 4, 2013

Alpha Wire has expanded its popular line of EcoCable Control cables to now include smaller 26 and 28 AWG sizes. Utilizing innovative 100% recyclable MPPE insulation and jacketing, EcoCable is designed to be up to 47% smaller and 65% lighter, with up to 87% lower outgassing than standard PVC cable. Additionally, EcoCable contains no halogens or phthalates.

Expanding our line of EcoCable not only caters to our customers demand but strengthens our product portfolios for medical devices and semiconductor manufacturing,” states Scott Ziegler, Senior Product Manager at Alpha Wire. “These types of applications generally require smaller gauges, making the added constructions ideal for these types of industries."

The additional size offerings will be available in Unshielded, Foil shielded, and Foil/Braid shielded configurations. EcoCable is a UL AWM 21915 and CSA-Rated cable, available in 100ft, 1000ft, and bulk lengths. EcoCable is RoHS and REACH Certified, and is suitable for NFPA 79 Applications.

EcoCable is part of Alpha Wire’s revolutionary EcoGen® line of smaller and recyclable wire and cable products. In addition to EcoCable, EcoGen includes EcoFlex™, EcoWire®, and EcoWire Plus.

For more information regarding EcoCable and EcoFlex Cable please download the EcoCable and EcoFlex Brochure or click here to have a salesperson contact you regarding this product.