Alpha industrial Ethernet Wire

June 30, 2020

Alpha Wire Flex-Rated Industrial Ethernet Cable

Over the past 20 years, Ethernet has permeated the factory floor as the primary means of connecting automation systems and transmitting field data to the network. Alpha Wire’s new Xtra-Guard® Industrial Ethernet flex cables are designed to ensure a reliable Ethernet network without compromising performance in continuous-flex applications

Designed to be Tough

Guarantees network reliability and uptime regardless of demanding conditions

Cost-Effective Installation

Select cables are available in PLTC to run directly from cable tray to device, cutting down on the cost and time required for overall installation and maintenance.

Superior Flex Capabilities

Rated for a minimum of 10 million continuous flex cycles and 3 million torsional flex cycles, Alpha Wire’s new continuous-flex cable line is designed to provide exceptional performance in high flex, high torsion, and continuous flex applications.

Download the datasheet for more information