Alpha Wire Micro Coax

March 22, 2017

Alpha Wire's Essentials Series of cables are built to out-perform in the most demanding industrial applications and conditions. With the increasing demand for a smaller cable when space is limited, the Micro Coax presents a versitile solution. Our cable is perfect for a range of applications, providing all of the essential functions of a coax while occupying little space. Featuring high-strength silver-plated or tinned copper alloys, the micro coax does not sacrifice performance and strength at the cost of size.

Alpha’s micro coax line (32 AWG to 50 AWG) is rated up to +200°C, stocked as 100 meter put-ups, and is available for immediate shipment. Using Coast Custom capabilities, micro coax cables can also be designed in bundled or composite configurations to meet your specific application and need.


  • Medical probes
  • Ultrasound imaging equipment
  • Endoscopy systems
  • Dental equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Internal flat panel displays


  • 50 Ω characteristic impedance
  • 32 AWG to 50 AWG conductor range
  • 30 Vrms voltage rating
  • Temperature range: -70°C up to +200°C 
  • Exceptionally small for space saving options
  • Increased flexibility due to stranded conductors