Apem KL KR Rocker Switches

June 22, 2017


APEM's KR and KL rocker switches feature an up-to-date design with a large selection of colors and markings, extreme robustness and high ratings. The KR and KL series new options are:
20 Amp version
The KR and KL series are now available with 20A 12VDC rating (6.35 quick-connect terminals only). With such a high rating, their rocker switches can now be connected directly to monitor the vehicle functions (illumination, motor…).  This option is of high interest in vehicles without electronics or with few embedded functions.
Elastomer membrane for the KL series
Off-road vehicle cabins are often particularly dusty and this can lead to switch blocking. With the new elastomer membrane, the actuator no longer moves, but deforms only, protecting against dust. The rocker ergonomics, robustness and lifecycle remain unchanged.  This option is especially crucial in open cabins with a high exposure to dust.
IP69K panel sealing
KR and KL series switches can now be sealed up to IP69K due to a new silicone gasket surrounding the switch frame and covering the housing top.
New design for 10-terminal connectors
10-terminal connectors can prove difficult to connect.  APEM’s  new 10-terminal connector includes spring terminals, making them quicker and easier  to mount, with unchanged robustness.
The K-range is ideally suited in applications such as agricultural machinery, handling equipment and construction vehicle cabins for its robustness and modern design. The new options, based on APEM’s field experience, strengthen their position as a leading expert in the off-road vehicle interface market.