Bivar Standard Light Engines

October 9, 2010

Bivar Announces New Family of Standard Light Engines

Featuring Cree XLamp Design, the L2 Family of Products Provides Efficient, Environmentally-Friendly Lighting for Variety of Applications

Bivar, a leading specialty provider of LED indication products, has announced the L2 family of starboard light engines. All products in this new family are optimized for high output, high color rendering index (CRI) and uniformity, making them ideal for directional lighting applications in both indoor and outdoor environments.

The L2 family features Cree’s XLamp design, which provides efficient, environmentally-friendly LED lighting and high light output in a small form factor. Additionally, the L2 family has a unique case temperature test point for engineers to confirm the effectiveness of their thermal management, while maximizing the luminous output with the junction temperature under control. Optional pin headers allow for quick hook-up, thus eliminating the delicate soldering process.

“We have created a product line that delivers consistent color in a compact package and enables true halogen performance in a thermally-constrained design,” said Tom Silber, Bivar president and CEO. “The combination of Cree’s XLamp LEDs with our expertise in designing LED solutions brings a new product family that exceeds standards for brightness and efficiency for a wide range of applications.”

The L2 family is comprised of three product series:

  • The PG Series: Suitable for applications such as parking areas, head lamps, bike lights, emergency lights, and solar powered lighting
  • The ML Series: Suitable for applications such as track lighting, accent lighting, solar-powered lighting, high and low bay, LED light bulbs, and roadways
  • The TG Series: Suitable for applications such as recessed ceiling lighting, retail display lighting, landscape lighting, locomotive lamps, aircraft landing lights, and theater/concert lighting

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