Brady HandySorb Mop System

January 30, 2019

A better way to clean up

Make way for a new solution to industrial spills. The Brady SPC® HandySorb Mop System delivers all the absorbency your customers know from Brady with the added maneuverability to get into hard-to-reach places. Unlike other systems, this clean-up pro eliminates kneeling and gets the job done in three simple steps — snap on, absorb and release.


  • Extendable handle – up to 6 feet!
  • Super absorbency – Universal "No-Touch" Pads and Pillows soak up to 0.5 gallons and 1.5 gallons respectively – Basic Pads soak up to 0.25 gallons
  • Patented quick-release operation makes disposal of used pads simple
  • A variety of absorbent options for every spill in your facility

Download the datasheet for more information