Bussmann Arc Flash Suits

February 14, 2022

Because what matters most -- is you.

Where there is energized equipment, there will be arc flash hazards. And for 108 years, Bussmann series products have protected equipment from those hazards. Now, they are taking a step outside the equipment to protect the individual worker.

Arc flash personal protective equipment (PPE) is imperative when working on or servicing energized equipment. Their new line of products includes:

12 calorie arc flash suit
40 calorie arc flash suit
40 calorie comfort arc flash suit
(all suits available as a kit or in component form and made in the USA)

Electrical glove kit 9-piece insulated electrician's toolkit

By adding arc flash products to their existing arc flash safety services and training offering, they are able to be your partner through every step of your journey to electrical safety.


  • Arc flash rated 12, 42, or 46 cal/cm2
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA 125 level 2 conformity
  • Meets Arc Flash PPE Category 2 or Category 4

Download the datasheet for more informaiton