Carling CKJ Series Controller

September 15, 2020

Carling CKJ Series Customizable CAN J1939 Display Controller

The CKJ-Series jog switch features a joystick rotary encoder with push-to-select button and 5 customizable function buttons with dimmable lighting. This CAN J1939 compatible display controller is sealed to IP67 standards and can be configured in a variety of orientations providing simple installation and connectivity.


  • Operating Voltage: Designed for 12/24 VDC Systems. 8 min - 32 max.
  • Electrical Endurance: Keypad Buttons: Up to 500,000 cycles, Knob Push: Up to 500,000 cycles, Knob Directional Joystick: Up to 500,000 cycles in each of four directions, Knob Rotation: Up to 500,000 cycles, one cycle is 360 degrees
  • Switch Functions: 5 keypad buttons, Knob push, 4-directions knob joystick (optional), Continuous rotary knob (20 detents per rotation)
  • Illumination: LED backlit icon, Dimmable illumination, Controlled by CAN messages

Download the datasheet for more information