Desco Emit Face Recognition

October 19, 2021

The EMIT 50748 Face Recognition Terminal is designed to be used with the SmartLog Pro® to test operators that wear foot grounders or wrist straps. The biometric reader uses facial features to identify the operator and can be set to limit access based on the operator's temperature or if the operator is wearing a mask. Verified scans override the test switch on the personnel tester and allow operators to perform tests without contact. Contactless tests are only compatible with dual-wire (conductor) wrist straps and operators wearing two foot grounders. The 50748 Face Recognition Terminal includes all of the necessary hardware for mounting it onto a turnstile


  • Face Recognition Terminal for Use with the SmartLog Pro
  • Infrared Temperature Screening
  • Face Mask Verification
  • 20,000 Face Capacity
  • 5.5-Inch Touchscreen Display
  • Turnstile Mounting Kit Included
  • Tamper Alarm