Eaton ArrowHart Audible GFCI

May 1, 2016

GFCI Protection you can hear

The new Eaton GFCI receptacle with audible alarm will periodically perform an automatic electronic test for you that will render the device inoperable if no GFCI protection is present. The audible alarm notifies user of tripped GFCI. Additionally, the red status indicator light will blink, notifying the user there is no power and the device must be reset or needs to be replaced

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic grounding system eliminates need for bonding jumper in grounded metal enclosure
  • ON/OFF switch to quiet alarm until replacement can be made
  • Trip indicator light notifies user of a tripped condition
  • Status lndicator light notifies user if device has rendered itself inoperable and requires replacement
  • Easy-to-use horizontal test/reset button alignment for larger unobstructed area
  • Tamper resistant receptacles resist the insertion of foreign objects
  • Audible alarm notifies user of tripped GFCI

Download the datasheet for more information