Eaton Double-Door Switch

August 1, 2017

The double-door line isolation switch is the latest product in Eaton’s expanding offering of enhanced safety switch devices. 


  • Internal barrier
    Enhance safety by isolating incoming power from fuse compartment, furthering safety
  • Isolated fuse compartment
    Eliminate exposure to line-side power when changing fuses with isolated fuse compartment
  • Viewing window
    Get confirmation whether circuit is open or closed by easily observing blade position through viewing window
  • Enhanced visible means of disconnect
    New arc shield design permits view of trailing edge of blade when handle is in OFF position
  • Screw down latch
    Benefit from the added level of security required when opening the line-side power compartment
  • Voltage indicators
    Verify line and/or load-side voltage with optional, easy-to-see voltage indicators