Excelta EgoTweeze

October 31, 2018

Excelta ErgoTweeze Rubber Soft-Touch Grip Tools

Each tweezer is hand-crafted in Switzerland with extreme precision. The teal rubber soft-touch grip provides a comfortable, stable grip for delicate applications. Soft rubber grip provides a more ergonomic option to prevent hand fatigue — 0.25" wider than a standard metal tweezer!

Rubber ErgoTweeze ™ holds up to most cleaning solutions, and the grips are more durable than foam alternatives. ESD Safe – Dissipative (1010 ohms/sq)

Available in 5 styles

  • 3C-SA-R Fine pointed tweezers
  • 00-SA-R Straight medium pointed tweezers
  • 5-SA-R Tapered extra fine pointed tweezers
  • 2A-SA-R Straight tapered flat pointed tweezers
  • 7-SA-R 45° curved tapered very fine pointed tweezers