Excelta Ergonomic Grips

August 7, 2013

Excelta understands that many of their tools are used by operators, sometimes for hours without a break. Understanding the need for tools that are properly designed to accomplish a task while maintaining maximum operator comfort, Excelta is proud to announce their latest development, their new ESD safe Ergonomic Molded grips.

These grips have been designed to provide a perfect fit and are static dissipative at the rate of 106 – 109, perfect for sensitive electronics. These grips are available on all 2800 series pliers and 7200 series wire cutters, and are also available as an add-on for other parts by adding the suffix –GM.

Give them a try and we think you’ll agree that these grips fit your hand “Precisely Right” every time!

Having trouble getting a grip?

Excelta offers 2 solutions. Two different grips are available on the new Excelta Lazer Line™ cutters.  The new redesigned standard Teal ergonomically molded grip is static dissipative and has a surface resistivity of 109 ohms/square.  This new grip has been re-engineered to better fit the hand. All square edges and rough surfaces have been eliminated.

These new ergonomically formed molded grips are standard on the Excelta 7200 series cutters.  We offer a soft foam (suffix –GF) that also tests static dissipative at 1010 ohms/square on all 9200 series cutters as well as the longer handled, 7100 series and 9100 series.