HellermannTyton PVDF Cable Tie

October 2, 2019

Meet the 25-year plastic cable tie

The 25 year cable tie is made of polyvinylidene fluoride, or PVDF. This material provides some of the highest UV, chemical and thermal resistance of any plastic resin. With a maximum operating temperature of 284 degrees F, it’s one tough tie.

It is ideal for a wide range of unrelenting environments and markets, such as telecommunications, solar, wind, automotive, chemical, machine building and utilities.

How it beats the competition

The PVDF cable tie works just like their standard ties – simple and fast. No tools, and because it’s plastic, no potential to pierce a cable jacket and make metal-to-metal contact. The competition?

  • Most metal cable ties require a hand tool to crimp them closed, a time-consuming inconvenience.
  • Crimping tools can cause repetitive strain to hands and arms.
  • Metal cable ties have the potential to slice through solar cables, causing potentially catastrophic faults.
  • Vinyl-coated metal ties can wear down to their bare metal and cause a fault.