Heyco Grommet Rolls - Channels

January 13, 2016

Heyco Continuous Grommet Rolls and Channels

Heyco is excited to introduce their new line of Grommet Rolls and Channels.

Heyco Continuous Grommet Rolls protect against damage from sharp panel edges and are ideal for tight radii or irregular panel holes and cut-outs, from .026" (0,7mm) to .164" (4,2mm) thick. Grommet Rolls are available in 100' (30.5M) rolls, but can be cut to desired lengths as needed. Available in black or natural color, these rolls are unserrated, which is ideal for straight edges, or serrated which is ideal for round, square or rectangular openings. Grommet Rolls are also available with adhesive lining which ensures they stay where installed with no tool or extra adhesive needed. Heyco Continuous Grommet Rolls are made from Polyethylene or Nylon with a 94HB rating.

Heyco Grommet Channels are ideal for protecting panel edges from being damaged. These flexible channels can be used as wear strips, non-abrasive edging, noise-reducing conveyor strips, framing, or to protect from sharp edges. The MDS glue filling adheres to rubber, most plastics, wood and metal. The Grommet Channel material features a built-in lubricant for reduced friction and longer part life. Available in 48" (122cm) strips or 100' (30.5M) rolls, these channels may also be cut to desired lengths. Heyco Grommet Channels are available in PA66/6 MDS Filled Nylon with a 94HB flammabilty rating and a temperature range of -40°F (-40°C) to 149°F (65°C). Grommet Channels are also available in High Impact Polystyrene by special order