Heyco Nylon 12 Edge Clips

June 3, 2021

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Heyco Products is excited to announce the latest addition to its already extensive offering of Heyco® Edge Clips. The line now includes Nylon 12 cable ties for applications where standard UV rated cable ties just don't cut it.

Features & Benefits:

  • Steel clip provides high panel retention forces, while requiring low insertion force.
  • Plastic housing ensures easy, ergonomic installation.
  • Ideal solution for applications where holes are not available or temperatures are too extreme for adhesive solutions.
  • Parallel orientation means the cable tie is parallel to the fixing edge.
  • Perpendicular orientation means the cable tie is perpendicular to the fixing edge.
  • Edge Clip housing is constructed from a Nylon 6/6 UV Resistant & Heat Stabilized material and supplied either by itself, with a Nylon 6/6 cable tie or Nylon 12 cable tie making them suitable for multiple applications/environments.

Download the datasheet for more information