Keystone Snap-on Connectors

February 16, 2021

Multi-Use, Snap-On Connector Straps

New, Insulated, Snap-On connector straps that are pre-wired for simplified connectivity applications are now available.

Keystone’s new male and female Snap-On connector straps (9 Volt style) can be used as traditional male and female connections for 9 Volt battery design applications. In addition to 9 Volt battery use, these contact straps can be used for snap on / snap off connectivity applications in equipment, devices and automotive environments.

These connectors allow for easy and secure connectivity of devices. Supplied with an insulated vinyl covered base to reduce short circuit and contact tampering potential. Bothe male stud and female connectors feature Brass, Nickel Plated contacts for a reliable, low contact resistance battery connection. Rated for up to 2 amp, 120 VAC. Connectors are each supplied with a 6" long #26 AWG wire. Wire ends are stripped and tinned for simplified installation.