Lapp Epic MH Modular Connector

September 17, 2018

LAPP Epic MH Modular Connector

Within the Industrial Internet of Things, the automated smart factory demands more sustainable industrial connectors that can meet stringent demands such as those associated with significant movements like vibration, speed and acceleration — most notably in drag chains or robots. Sustainability is just as important, and means built-in flexibility to accommodate machines’ expanding capabilities such as retrofitting a robot with a camera for quality inspection.

LAPP is embracing this aspect of IIOT with easily expandable connectors. The LAPP EPIC® MH modular connector, for example, can accommodate a wide variety of cables with connector modules for power, signal, and data. When a machine adds a new function, designers can easily implement a new module or replace it with a different one. Any combination of inserts is possible, and users can select from up to 138 million housing variations. This flexibility is particularly beneficial to sectors that are industrializing on a large scale, like the food industry.

In addition to exhibiting exceptional adaptability and flexibility, the EPIC® MH series also features:

  • Power ratings up to 200A and 1 kV.
  • Data rates up to 10 Gbit/s.
  • A modular frame with an easy locking assembly. Leading industry-standard modules can also be mounted with an adapter clip.
  • Connectors Are Poised to Handle Current and Future Functions