Mechatronics DC Fans Impellers

July 20, 2017

Mechatronics is excited to introduce two new series of products extending their high airflow DC fan offering, and an all new DC Backward Curved Motorized Impeller line.

DC High Airflow Series

The new MR series delivers increased airflow and static pressure up to 45% performance increase over standard DC models. Mechatronics High Airflow Fans are ideal for applications where space is limited and high airflow is required. The fixed blade design straightens airflow to pull air out of the fan while the rotating blade pushes air forward.

DC Backward Curved Motorized Impellers

The new impellers provide high static pressure performance in standard models and deliver higher performance and better power efficiency vs. AC versions. Mechatronics Backward Curved DC Motorized Impellers offer exceptional airflow and pressure performance with a variety of voltage, speed control, and alarm output options.