Qualtek EC Fans

September 19, 2019

Qualtek Electronically Commutated Fans

Electronically commutated (EC) fans utilize a brushless DC construction to provide up to 30% better efficiency than AC fans. Qualtek's EC fans can be powered directly from AC mains as they contain built in circuitry, no external power supplies are required. EC fans provide the ability to control the speed unlike conventional AC fans while also adding other special functions such as Tachometer Output and Alarm Output

Qualtek introducing a full line of Axial EC fans to their thermal management product profile! With sizes ranging from 60mm to 172mm and airflow capabilities upwards of 220CFM. They have the perfect fan to fit your thermal management needs. Qualtek's EC fans have been designed as drop-in replacements to existing AC axial fans. Their EC fans will also accept a voltage range from 100VAC to 240VAC, eliminating the need for buying multiple part numbers depending on the AC input voltage. The applications are nearly endless with EC fans; roadside cabinets, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, server banks, ventilation, electronic component enclosures, and much more!


  • Fan Sizes: 60mm to 172mm
  • Fan CFM: 12 to 228 CFM
  • UL, cUL, and CE Approved
  • Universal Input Voltage: 100VAC to 240VAC
  • IP54 Rated (IP55, IP56 Rated versions available)
  • Wide Operating Temperature: -20°C to 70°C
  • Wire Leads or Quick Connect Termination
  • Optional PWM Speed Control
  • Alarm and Speed Sensor available
  • RoHS 3 / REACH EU Compliant