techno micron.nect connectmior

February 28, 2017


micron.nect®, the new plug & socket circular connector is born, with a diameter of only 14mm and an IP68/IP69K protection rating. Thanks to Techno's design skills and engineering knowledge, the members of the R&D team were able not to compromise the other technical characteristics of the product, that is to say 2 poles for the installation of flexible and rigid conductors up to 1.5mm², 10A -400V and air gaps guaranteed for class 2 use.


  • Miniaturized - micron.nect allows the connection between devices and instruments in very small places.
  • Resistant to water submersion - micron.nect is designed to guarantee the highest reliabilityunder severe application conditions and when there is damp, water, dusts and debris.
  • Screw wire connector - micron.nect is suitable for field wiring and it ensures maximum application versatility.
  • Quick push-pull connection and disconnection


  • Archtechtural Lighting
  • Lighting in Water
  • Street Lighting
  • Indoor Lighting
  • Advertising Billboards and Road Signs
  • Class 2 Electrical Devices