Techno xDry IP68 Connectors

May 9, 2014

Techno announces Anti-Condensation IP68 Connectors

Stops condensation

The special anti-condensation barrier protects the device installed in critical conditions of use (thermal shock between inside and outside the device, condensation effect). The xDRY connector with anti-condensation prevents moisture condensation, which runs through the cable, from entering the connector and goes beyond it to reach the device installed. The protection of electrical and electronic parts is absolutely ensured.

Follow the innovation

A specific technology of twin-injection of seals for waterproof installations (IP68). This improves the quality of the cable connector overall and ensures the long term reliability of the connection. The seal is not lost or forgotten by the installer because it adheres perfectly to the product. This prevents incorrect mounting of the connector. Gel and resin free IP rated sealing technology. Quick and easy wiring. The connection can be re-inspected at any time. Certified products. Compliance with REACH and RoHS.

Extend the usability

Compact solutions for installation in tight spaces. A major feature of the xDRY product range is the small product footprint. The connectors are of circular cross section with a greater number of poles in less space compared to traditional solutions of linear terminal blocks. This characteristic is particularly appreciated for LED luminaires and any system that requires compact connecting solutions. The reduced dimensions do not limit the electrical specifications: maximum 17A - 450V.

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