Altech Keyed Interlock Switch

December 26, 2019

Altech SLC Solenoid Locking Keyed Interlock Switch

Thier SLC solenoid locking switches have been completely redesigned to offer a cost effective, ergonomic and user friendly series. High stress components like the rotatable actuator head and solenoid armature are made of metal offering an extremely rugged and durable interface, while the housing is made of plastic offering reduced weight and cost.

Solenoid switches are available with either “Spring Locked”; where the keys are locked into the switches automati-cally and the solenoid must be powered to remove them or “Magnet Locked”; which requires power to the solenoid to lock the keys into the switch.

The SLC switches are available with up to four Normally Open or Normally Closed contacts. Failsafe Interlocking contacts, which only close when the key is inserted and locked are offered on most versions


  • Lightweight yet robust: Hybrid of metal and plastic
  • Flexible contact assembly
  • Integrated manual release
  • Symmetrical design
  • Five actuating positions
  • Rotatable head ( 4×90°)
  • Fail-safe guard locking system
  • Optional emergency release
  • Optional escape release
  • M12 connector as an option

For more information download the datasheet